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It’s bright and sunny outside but it’s dark and gloomy inside your house; on account of your dirty windows. Clear windows provide a fresh and clean atmosphere inside your home or office. Keeping it clean will take a lot of time, energy and money if you are going to do window cleaning by yourself. Work will involve hanging out of windows, carrying bucket of water, carrying and climbing ladder. This will keep you away from doing more important things like shopping for grocery, business meeting, a project at work and an appointment with your doctor. Because this is not your line of work the result maybe not according to your satisfaction. There is still the presence of smudge, grime and other impurities. Worst; you end up with body pains, window scratches and possibly an injury. Your effort was not put into good use.

Let Bull 18 window cleaning auckland and relieve you from this stress. Just go on and enjoy the day focusing your attention in your things-to-do list. . Our team of window cleaners auckland are trained in the latest technology and equipped with modern tools to meet your expectations. They passed a security check, met the company’s rigid requirement and are oriented in customer handling. We put our customers in the heart of our business. If you have any special instruction or detail, feel free to approach any of our window cleaning Auckland so that this will be included in their work activity. Our company is accredited by the government and we have an insurance policy that will cover any breakage or lost items due to theft. We always keep an eye out for modern trends, state of the art technology and modern equipment so that our window cleaning service can be classified as world class. Prices for our window cleaning Auckland service are competitive and reasonable. We give a free consultation to our customers, all costs are divulged. We have provided a brief description of our window cleaning activities so you could have a glimpse of what to expect from us.


Chemicals are added to water ranging from dish soap to specialized glass cleaners. Cloth or brush are dipped in the mixture and applied to the interior and exterior side of the window, squeegee is then used to remove the stain and mixture. Frames and ledges are also cleaned. Extension poles and ladders are used in high places.


Rope descent system that is safety compliant is used by our window cleaner auckland to remove stains from the exterior portion of the window. Ascent or descent is controlled by manual or mechanical means. We use supported scaffolding or cradle in cleaning multi-level buildings.

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Its good to hire Bull8 cleaning services Auckland. This company uses best technology and good electronic equipment. They work professionally and with an extra care.


I would suggest Bull18 to anyone who seek cleaning services all over Auckland. Because they are fast, cleaned and nicely done their job.