School Cleaning Auckland

Bull18 School Cleaning Auckland for clean and hygenic surroundings

School Cleaning Auckland

School cleaning Auckland

School is one of the most populated establishments in a community. Overcrowding is one of the problem that a school have to deal with, with it comes environmental concerns. It is a sanctuary for germs and bacteria that causes the spread of contagious diseases like colds, flu and measles. People are in close contact with one another, they are breeding grounds for viruses and germs. Contact with acquaintances and family members will cause these diseases to escalate, creating an endemic effect in the neighborhood.

Why regular school cleaning Auckland is essential?

Students and faculty members are susceptible and become carriers when they leave the premises. So to protect them from spreading of contagious diseases and to keep them healthy and safe, cleaning the school premises is a good move. Whether it be a public or private school; elementary, junior, high school, college and university level; it has to be cleaned properly and regular school cleaning is compulsory.

Let Bull 18 School Cleaning Auckland take care of the school cleaning for you. Aside from cleaning, we offer a disinfecting service that will eliminate the presence of bacteria that cause contagious disease. Our team of school cleaners are skilled, equipped with tools and equipment that will make your educational facility look sparkling clean.

We mix water with chemical compounds to remove germ, dirt and stain. Our chemical compounds are safe for human and environment friendly. Application of disinfectants will reduce absenteeism, the school will not only look good but it will also be a safe place for your students and faculty members. Bull18 School Cleaning Auckland services operate on a 24×7 timetable with no day off to accommodate any schedule of your preference that will cause minimal interruption to the normal school routine. We assign a site supervisor to oversee the work activities of our school cleaners. We have prepared a brief description of our school cleaning Auckland activities to give you an idea of what to expect from us.

Bull18 – School Cleaning Auckland Services:

School cleaning Auckland cleaning services include discard trash; mopping hallway cleaning classrooms will remove germs. After cleaning, disinfecting should be applied because this will destroy them.


School Cleaning Auckland includes dusting chairs, tables and shelves and wipe with our mixture to give it that clean look. Trash and dirt are removed from the interior portion of the shelf. Floor is swept and mopped.


Floor is swept and mopped; nook and crannies are cleared of dirt and trash; graffiti is removed.


Wall, sink, bowls, mirror and urinals are cleaned with our mixture. Floor is swept and mopped; graffiti is removed.


Interior and exterior side is applied with our mixture; squeegee is used to remove the mixture and stain. In high areas we use extension poles and ladder. In multi-level buildings, our cleaners use a special lifting machine to clean the exterior portion of the window.

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Its good to hire Bull8 cleaning services Auckland. This company uses best technology and good electronic equipment. They work professionally and with an extra care.


I would suggest Bull18 to anyone who seek cleaning services all over Auckland. Because they are fast, cleaned and nicely done their job.