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Carpet steam clean Auckland

carpet steam clean auckland

Carpet Cleaning is one of the most expensive items in your household. You want it always to be clean and in the best condition. Carpet is like a magnet that attracts bacteria and germs that can cause ailments, allergies and asthma. A dirty carpet collects cockroach and pet allergens, lead, pollutants, dust, dirt and grit. When exposed to moisture a dirty carpet develop mold growths. Research show that carpet should be cleaned at least once a year. In high foot traffic areas were a lot of people step on it, it should be cleaned every 3 months. Without the proper know-how, a wrong move like improper use of equipment and wrong application of cleaning materials might do more harm than good. It would be best if you hired a professional Carpet Cleaners Auckland.

Bull 18, carpet steam cleaning Auckland provide best carpet cleaning . We have a team of carpet cleaners Auckland that are well trained; equipped with the latest tools and equipment that will make your carpet look good as new. Our cleaning compounds are environment friendly, safe for human, and will repel germs and bacteria for quite a time.

We provide cheap carpet cleaning Auckland. Our prices are reasonable and competitive; we give a free consultation to our customers. Everything is disclosed upfront; no add on, no hidden charges and definitely no surprises come payment time. You can choose from the two carpet cleaning services that we offer: carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning and all types of advanced carpet cleaning .

Why Bull18 carpet cleaning Auckland

Here are few Reasons why you should avail of our carpet cleaning  service in auckland

Physical effort

There will be a lot of hand movement, bending and burdensome motion involved in carpet cleaning. It is a very demanding job that requires a lot of physical movement. So it is better to choose Auckland carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaning Auckland.

Unsatisfactory result

Because you are not trained properly, you might not be able to handle stuck debris, soiled fibers and stain. Mishandling will reduce your carpet’s life and damage it. Bull18 can do the cleaning very perfectly.

Cleaning compound

There are a lot of brand names in the market that may provide different or the same result when applied. Granting that you bought the correct product, application might cause a problem. Using too much or too little might not give you the result that you were expecting.

Carpet cleaning equipment

Whether renting or buying, those acquired from commercial stores are not the same as what carpet cleaner’s use. Ours are customized to handle Carpet Steam Clean Auckland activities only; the specifications were coordinated with manufacturers to produce these specialty tools.
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What Our Customer Say About Our carpet cleaning Auckland

Bull18 cleaners did a great job in cleaning our carpets. They are professional in carpet cleaning, cleaned all rooms very well in less time.


Our carpets are clean and gained a new look. I highly recommend bull18 cleaning services; they have qualified cleaners for carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning.